3100 – Motivation of adult learners



Resources: http://elearningindustry.com/17-tips-to-motivate-adult-learners

This article summarizes various motivational ideas into 17 tips to help motivate the adult learner for an elearning course.  Although it relates to elearning, its tips are applicable to classroom and lab settings as well. Each tip makes sense and can be easily applied to daily sessions.  It respects the concept that the needs of adult learners are different than teenage and children learners.

I will regularly look at these simple tips and apply them to my courses.  I think it’s easy to forget about these motivational tips and regularly revisiting them will allow me to check in with myself and remind myself about these tips.  I really like the specific examples in each tip which helps me relate to ways that I can apply them.  The tips will be used in my course planning, delivery, lecturing and assessments when possible.  By creating a motivational environment, students will feel comfortable and excited about learning.  They will want to participate and engage in their learning and will thus become active learners.



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