PIDP 3260 – TPI Results and Comments


My Teaching perspectives inventory (TPI) results are:

  • Transmission Total             37
  • Apprenticeship Total           37
  • Developmental Total           39   Backup perspective
  • Nurturing Total                   43   Dominant perspective
  • Social Reform Total             34   Recessive perspective
  • Beliefs Total                         57
  • Intentions Total                  65
  • Action Total                         68

My Dominant Characteristic was nurturing.  My mean score was 38 with a standard deviation of 2.97.  I thought it was interesting to find that all areas assessed were within the standard deviation except the area of social reform which was recessive in my teaching perspective assessment.  Although I have labelled a backup perspective of teaching, I believe that transmission and apprenticeship are also backup perspectives; they both scored within standard deviation of the developmental perspective total.

What does this all mean? Well, the first time I took the survey, I didn’t believe the numbers. So, I repeated the survey and found the results to be very similar.

I agree with the nurturing perspective being my most dominant teaching perspective.  I am very concerned about my learners and ensuring that they feel supported at all times. I try to develop a positive and challenging learning environment to help them accomplish tasks beyond their expectations. I try to be patient and supportive at all times.

With respect to social reform, I also agree that this perspective is a highly recessive area.  There just is not a lot of social reform perspective in teaching psychomotor and diagnostic techniques in dentistry.  Social reform is more applicable in other areas, but not really in my area of teaching.

What I found most fascinating about the results is how closely aligned the beliefs, intentions and actions areas of my perspective turned out.  I actually completed this survey in another class and asked the facilitator to help me understand this area.  She commented that the consistency in the three areas shows that I am practicing close to what I believe I should be delivering to my class.  There is a difference in the developmental perspective where my beliefs are lower than my intentions and actions. I will be looking at this more closely as I teach in future weeks.

How do I feel about the results?  I think overall, the results are consistent with what I expected.  There are educational constraints and faculty prescribed protocol that I cannot change in my teachings.  These factors do affect how I teach and most likely contribute to the few misalignments between beliefs and actions.

The TPI survey results can help devise a teaching philosophy statement to summarize my perspective in teaching.  They have also helped me become more aware of my own teaching style.  Specifically, where are my strengths and where are areas that I may want to further explore?

I would like to take the survey again in a year or so to see how it may change in time. It will also be interesting to have colleagues comment on the results of my survey to gain their perspective into the results.


Daniel D. Pratt & John B. Collins(2014)







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