PIDP 3260 – TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution!


Source of discussion:

One can spend hours watching all the wonderful and intriguing videos of Sir Ken Robinson. What an inspiration for all teachers and administrators.  The video I watched resonated with me.  He spoke about the current education system and how it operates under the principles of conformity and offers a linear mode of educational learning.  Everyone is taught the same way and is faced with the same method of learning and educational path: go to school, do well and then go to a college or university to do well in life.

What is wrong with this model? Well, what worked in the past centuries of education does not necessarily work now.  We need to be open to change and a new way of improving our educational system.  The linear approach to teaching crushes the human individuality of the spirit and passion of one’s self.  We are all different.  Our desires, skills, capabilities, likes and dislikes are all different. How can we all be pigeon-holed into one way of learning and expectations?

Education needs to recognize that learning is an organic process in order to help individuals flourish in their ‘element’.  The element being what someone loves to do – what makes their heart tick! It is not necessarily what one is good at.  Our role as educators should be to individualize, customize and develop an education plan for our learners.  Facilitate learning in the learners’ field of passion and within the learner’s capabilities or method of  learning.  Help learners find their passions and develop them – whatever they may be.  The world is made up of diversity; we need to appreciate and encourage this.  Respect individual dreams and passions and encourage self-growth at the same time.


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