PIDP 3260 – Lifelong learning


One of the quotes by Albert Einstein states that “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong learning attempt to acquire it.”

So, we go to school and develop and acquire several competencies along the way to become the professional that we are today: (Importance of becoming a lifelong learner, 2016)

  1. Create a positive personal impact
  2. Become consistently high performer
  3. Learn dynamic communication skills
  4. Become interpersonally competent

As a professional, we spend years training ourselves and our skills to gain our competencies. Through growth and self critique, we modify our competencies to improve ourselves even further.  In other words, we grow as a professional and as a human being.  It is through our life long learning and acceptance of this concept that we constantly improve. We learn new skills, we learn to update our old skills and adapt them to new changes in technology, we learn to adapt to our changing world and further develop our minds.

There are many benefits to lifelong learning that I would like to summarize as:

  1. By learning new concepts, one can develop new and efficient ways to approach items that they encounter.  Trends and knowledge will develop over time.  It is through continual learning that we stay in tune with the changes in the world around us.
  2. By learning new concepts, one can modify ‘old’ ways to improve.  This only makes us more proficient in our field.
  3. By learning new concepts, one can interact with fellow professionals to gain more knowledge and understanding.
  4. All three points above will help us gain confidence and increase our self-esteem.   We will feel proud of our accomplishments and ourselves.  I find the energy that I bring into my teachings from my professional and personal development is ‘infectious’.  People want to learn and be like me. I have had many students comment they find me to be a good role model.  I don’t think I would be if I had not continually grown and redefined my skills and myself.
  5. The great feeling that comes from being a lifelong learner, for me, is like a really good addictive ‘drug’.  It keeps me wanting to learn more to feel good about my accomplishments and thus myself.
  6. When taking courses, one gets to be around those who are also keen, make new connections, develop new friendships and be around those that are like-minded.  I personally met one of my closest friends at a study club.  He has been a great resource and role model in my life.
  7. Lifelong learning does not have to be a formal process.  As we experience things in life, we should self-reflect and modify our understanding and behaviour.

It is through education that we grow and improve ourselves. Lifelong learning should be an integral part of any person, especially a professional.


Importance of becoming a lifelong Learner. Retrieved February 7, 2016, from


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