PIDP 3260 – Reflections on courses

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This is a blog to reflect on the courses taken to date with the PIDP program.  I will list each course and a brief reflection below. 

PIDP 3100 – Wow, what a wonderful course.  I really enjoyed this course. It was my first PIDP course through Vancouver Community College (VCC).  The course helped me integrate what I already knew about teaching with further principles with respect to andragogy.  It has made me aware of why certain methods of teaching work and provided thoughts on possible improvement of teaching approach.  It reinforced the concept of adult learning and an instructor being a facilitator rather than rote information deliverer.    All these learnings for me have been through focusing on andragogy principles and related types of teaching approaches.  I use experiential teaching in my method of classroom and lab teaching.  The course helped me reflect on my methodology and I feel as a result, I am a better teacher.  Finally, the course helped me understand how much I ‘didn’t know’ about teaching. It reinforced the concept of lifelong learning for me as a teacher and not just in my professional dental career.  It motivated me to look forward to the next course and further teaching development. 


PIDP 3210 – I took this course through the Center of Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  I really liked the course and found it to be very intensive.  It helped me design a curriculum for a generic as well as my own course.  I found the main thing I learned here was to be organized and build the course step by step. I learned about the backwards approach to course design and found that very interesting.  Perhaps my favorite part of this course was meeting colleagues from different faculties and learning how they approached teaching. What were their difficulties and how did they approach areas of concern that I had experienced?  I learned a lot from my colleagues and have now made new friends who are rich resources for me and my teaching. 


PIDP 3220 – This course was fun and educational at the same time.   As a result of this course, I am a better lecturer.  I delivered three short lectures to a group of faculty from various departments.  After deliver, we met in a circle to discuss my lecture.  I loved it.  I had great positive feedback and some extra suggestions.  They loved my energy level and said they couldn’t wait for me. This helped me realize that my body language and delivery is good.  Content was hard to deliver in 10 minutes but the challenge was my motivator.  It was also challenging as many of the faculty were from non-science department, so teaching had to be tailored to them without loosing my science faculty members.  Again, the course gave me a lot of confidence with respect to lecturing and it allowed me to develop a great approach to my lecturing format.  The lecture after this course was interesting.  My supervising faculty member came up to me and said she saw a great degree of improvement in my lecture.  She was very pleased and so was I. 


PIDP 3260 – I really enjoyed the textbook and will definitely keep it as a future reference.  It is full of helpful information.  It was a bit hard to go through this course. It was interesting but not all the teachings are applicable and it covers a lot of concepts.  It made me aware of areas of concern that I may encounter in the future teachings. That’s why I think the textbook will be a great future resource for me.  The other thing I learned from this course is that even senior instructors with experience will and can encounter classroom difficulties.  It’s not always me and although I can address concerns, the learners will ultimately decide if they want to learn and how much they will participate in learning.  Finally, I learned about evaluation techniques to seek feedback from learners.  It was harder than I imagined to devise a summative evaluation form but I did it.  Now I feel more confident devising an evaluation form and am in fact going to administer my course assignment feedback form to an upcoming class. I look forward to seeing its results.  Seeing how much I don’t know and will need to learn in the future has helped me realize the importance of being a lifelong learner and continually participate in teaching course to improve myself.

A final overwhelming thought that has been an inspiration to me is meeting role models.  From CTLT to PIDP teachers, I have learned a lot about styles of communication and interaction with students.  Watching effective instruction has been an inspiration. 

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