3250 – Adult motivation video

Motivation video

Check out this upbeat and great video about motivating the adult learner.  I loved it and want to share it with everyone.  It not only explains why concepts behind adult motivation, but gives us motivational strategies for classroom application.

Loved it and hope you enjoy it too


2 thoughts on “3250 – Adult motivation video

  1. Hi Suzanne,

    I checked out the motivational video whose link you have posted and while I agree it has very catchy visuals and music I must confess to feeling frustrated from the 1:33 mark on when the material began moving so quickly that I had no time to read and process the information. Interestingly, I found that a day later I could not even recall what the video was about but could remember the music and the graphics.

    So, I am left wondering; have new generations acquired the ability to process more information in less time? Perhaps not. This As It Happens Episode ‘Debunking Speed Reading’ ( http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-monday-edition-1.3428837) indicates that we are not able to process information that quickly.

    If catchy, visually dynamic, entertaining and brief is what students want today how do we balance that with our need as instructors to convey content in a way that students can process it a and remember it?




    1. Andrea, I so agree in many ways. It is entertaining and it appears that the new generation of learners seems to need to be entertained while learning. Anything that attracts the attention of learners and makes learning memorable helps facilitate learning. Even if all the information is not absorbed, students may recall the fun video and go back to it when the information is needed in the future. I’m just reading Bowen’s textbook from 3240 and can’t help but think about his comment regarding the use of gaming and its success of related teaching being a result of ‘the ability” to learn at “different speeds by a vast population of users with a wide array of learning preferences and abilities is critical” to success.


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