3250 – Classroom Management Video



A 50’s time classroom management video can be found in the link above.   The video is interesting and shows teaching considerations related to classroom management of disruptive behaviour.   Although you can tell the video is old, it is interesting to me that the principles of teaching are still the same.

Making topic relatable to students helps form a personal connection and an interest in the subject matter.  It also creates a nice bond between the learner and teacher.  While reviewing  the test, the teacher not only used an empathetic approach, but was kind and encouraging to help students “want to improve”.  He showed them how to improve afterwards.  With disruptive behaviour, he used humor and kindness to control the classroom and gain focus of the students.  This helped him obtain respect of students as well as their support.  Finally, by being kind, patient, and nice, the instructor was a good role model for the students and set a positive tone for the classroom.  Although our teaching methods and strategies may have changed over time, principles of teaching appear to transcend time.

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