3250 – Formative Quiz Student Engagement Technique Digital Project Self-reflection


Of all the assignments of this course, PIDP 3250, I loved this adventure the most. It was fun, frustrating, and challenging at the same time.   I started working on it as I have been really stressed out about the discussion forum assignment and wanted to do something to get my mind off the assignment for a while. Our digital project assignment was to devise an instructional video related to an instructional strategy.

In this blog, I will share my adventure with everyone. I’ve put my steps below:

First: Assignment Notes were made. I watched Doug Mauger’s video describing the assignment. I reviewed the rubric and marking scheme to note down assignment requirement. I looked over the teaching strategies mentioned in the course textbook. I then checked out the strategies listed on the course Moodle site.

            I proceeded to watch videos on the Moodle site and then moved on to do a google search for videos that previous students had posted. I must have watched at least a dozen videos. This allowed me to see how others planned out and displayed their project. At the same time, the various videos helped me see various presentation tools that classmates have used in the past. Doug had a list of various software on the course Moodle, but I found watching the videos gave me a better feel for different software capabilities. I have always liked whiteboard type videos and wanted to produce my own, so I decided on working with VideoScribe. This was an adventure on its own which I will elaborate on later.

Second: Instructional technique selection was fun. I looked over various instructional techniques and tried to pick one that I would use in my future sessions. I had watched various peer videos which introduced me to even more instructional strategies. I watched videos on flipped classroom, split-room debate, team jeopardy, role play and field trips. It was a bit overwhelming choosing one method. I went back and forth a few time. I chose Formative Quiz Technique as I plan to use I-clicker type questions in my own classroom. Having completed my project, I am even more excited about the method and plan to look into its implementation.

            Having selected an instructional method, I started making notes based on the guiding questions provided by Doug. I also started looking into various resources and made more notes as I went along. Once I thought I had an adequate amount of information and felt comfortable with the technique, I started looking into the program for the digital project design again.

Third: Putting notes into a format that I could devise a video was challenging. I first made q-cards with each topic that I wanted covered. I then refined my cards and entered the information in a PowerPoint presentation. This helped organize my thoughts and the flow of my materials.

            At this point, I thought about using PowerPoint, but it was boring and I wanted to try something new and challenging. So, onwards to VideoScribe I went. Before using VideoScribe, I watched two beginner’s tutorial on You Tube. I started entering sections of my project and choosing my formatting. After entering each section, I looked for fun and supporting pictures that I could add to attract the attention of viewers. Once I had collected enough pictures, I added them to the presentation.

            I played the presentation and checked over it for formatting, grammar and spelling errors. I had to complete a few revisions. It was challenging lining up some of the points in an organized manner but after a few back and forth struggles, I made it work.

            My first official run through of the project was not good. I had a poor flow and there was writing everywhere. I didn’t know how to organize my presentation to show what I wanted viewers to see. I had to go back to the program’s help section and watch three formatting tutorials. Once completed, I learned how to organize items and set the camera as to display what I wanted displayed. That was a relief as I was about to give up at this point. My department has chosen to not hire any new staff for the third year in a row. So, giving up was a real thought. However, I love teaching and don’t believe in quitting what I’ve started.

            Once the timing was worked out, I wanted to choose a sound option to add to my presentation. I could either choose a music background or my own speaking voice. I looked at some presentation hints that Doug posted on our course website. One of the recommendations was not to read off your slide, but I really wanted to read off of my slides. I tried the presentation with music and it was dull and boring. So, I deleted the music and printed out the sections to place a voice over. It took at least what seemed like a million tries to get the voice and timing to work. What a challenge. I spent a long time going back and forth between timing of each section and my voice timing. A few times I lost my recording by pressing the wrong button! Can you say frustration or what? Finally, I had the voice over I liked, but my only negative was that my kids were playing hide and seek in the basement and there was some background giggling while recording – life as a working mom who chooses to teach and take on a teaching program.

            Even though I read off most slides, I tried to put in my own mannerism in my presentation and tried to really work with my voice to devise an effective presentation style.

            The first time, my video was over 8.5 minutes long. I was surprised that I was way over time. I trimmed down the information to what I thought was bare bones of the presentation but still conveyed the necessary materials. I redid my sounds and re-edited the timing. Finally, the video was under 5 minutes as required by the assignment criteria.

Fourth: Posting the video is a feature that VideoScribe offers for online access. I posted it live via VideoScribe but my first posting did not download properly. I have no idea why.

            I reposted the presentation. VideoScribe sends you an email once they are processing the presentation. Once I had my confirmation, I posted my link on the course website and sent a copy of my project to the course instructor. In the morning, I discovered that the link was not opening up. I went on the program website under my account and found that the download stated “processing”. However, the “processing” was over 10 hours long by now.   Something was wrong, but I had no idea what. Not sure what to do, I chose to stop the processing of the site upload and re-posted my site. It took over an hour to process, but this time, it uploaded properly. Lesson learned was to double check the upload before you send out links to everyone. I found this to be embarrassing but I did learn a valuable lesson from it.

Fifth: As a final check of my project, I used the rubric from our course manual for assignment #4 to make sure all materials were included and all questions were answered. This includes timing, at least three references, and creative commons logo requirement.

Sixth: Marking rubric comparison to my project was considered after completion. I think I have addressed all required aspects of the assignment. My use of multiple media tools, colors, and pictures helps capture and keep the attention of the viewer. I tried to keep each segment short in order not to lose viewers engaged. I like using the different methods of scribing to make the presentation look fun but professional at the same time. I really like the presentation and am proud of the production. I was showing it off to my colleague in lecture today.

            I did not read out my references during my presentation as I didn’t think it was natural to do so. I decided to post them at the end and link them with the presentation.   It didn’t feel natural to me to read out the references.

            I think my level of creation is at Level 4.

Seventh: Posting of presentation was done on the course website to share my presentation with my classmates. I also posted it on public access of VideoScribe as well as You Tube. I had never before posted anything on You Tube and wanted to try it out. It was actually pretty easy using VideoScribe software.

Video scribe address is: http://sho.co/17A76

You Tube address is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttJoSJwpLpA

Eighth: Submission of assignment to Instructor

Ninth: Posting of project experience to my blog site and to instructor.

Overall, this project ended up being a very good project. I learned a lot about creating a digital project from start to finish. It was fun, challenging, information and frustrating at the same time. The experience was well worth the pain. I am very proud of the presentation a

nd hope others enjoy and learn from it.   Thank you Doug for the experience.

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