3250 – Gogy review


My classmate Melissa is leading a discussion on Pedagogy, Peeragogy, cybergogy, andragogy, and heutagogy.  Wow, a lot of “gogy’s”.  What is this all about?

When I first started learning about learning, I was mainly familiar with how children learn.  With my PIDP education, I learned that this was called Pedagogy.  Through my introduction to Knowles theories of adult learning, I learned about Andragogy.  This principle of learning addresses adults as being active learners and instructors as being facilitators of their learning.  With the principles of andragogy, the adult learner is distinguished as having different needs and styles of learning than children.  They should not be taught in the same manner as children.  We learned about various specifics of adult learning in PIDP 3100.

Now, we are introduced to new gogy’s such as Heutagogy.  What is this?  Well, this takes learning into even a higher level than andragogy.  Heutagogy refers to a learner who leads his own learning direction.  He chooses his own context of learning and direction in which to further learn and grow.  It is an exploration of his own learning direction and journey.  This is self directed and self-managed in each and every manner.   This learner may even develop their own concept with respect to their learning field – much like we see in research fields.

So, what is a gogy.  Simple it is a style of learning.  Peeragogy refers to peer to peer learning.  I am sure that more styles will be discovered and explored as we learn to recognize the various approaches to learning and the needs of each and every person and group.

In my readings, I came across a yet another “gogy”: e-gogy.  This new “gogy” encompasses learning  essentials  to guide eteaching, elearning and the co-creating of personal learning environments.

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