3250 -How to improve classroom participation?



This is a great article that I found on the PIDP Facebook page and wanted to share it with everyone.  Interesting points setting clear criteria enclosed below from the article:

“The final criteria for assessment of class participation …

  1. Preparation: the extent of your reading, analyzing and understanding of the material, demonstrated by contribution to discussion.
  2. Contribution to discussion: the extent to which you volunteered answers, asked relevant questions, expressed your own opinions and analyzed the contributions of others.
  3. Group skills: the extent to which you allowed others to contribute, avoided class domination, shared ideas with others, assisted others, provided positive feedback to others and exhibited tolerance and respect for others.
  4. Communication skills: the quality of your expression, clarity, conciseness, use of appropriate vocabulary, confidence.
  5. Attendance: includes punctuality.”

Interesting that the criteria above were written by the students.  Basically, the more we can spell out and clarify for students, the better they will understand what is expected of them. How much are they allowed to participate and how do they go about obtaining the skills to participate.  Be as clear as possible to relieve student anxiety.

I think clarification of expectations and boundaries will create an open and positive learning environment for all learners.

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