3250 – Self Assessment



Throughout our PIDP courses, we have reviewed and discussed self-assessment skills and development. With each course and discussion, I have gained a deeper appreciation of the need to teach our learners to self-assess their own work and performance. In one forum, we discussed various aspects of being a self-directed learner. This led us to discussion of how self-assessment aids improving our self-directive abilities. In another forum, we discussed the various aspects of heutagogy and again, this led us to the path of utilizing our self-assessment skills to further develop our learning needs and routes.

I plan to share my thoughts with respect to this area with my students. I have always requested self-assessment but never emphasized why this was important. Bringing the awareness to the students will allow them to understand and appreciate the power of this skill. I hope that they will carry this skill into their future professional lives in order to grow and continually improve and adapt their learnings.

One of our discussions in our forum pointed out the venerable nature of adult learners and specifically how adults are not comfortable with self-assessment. I think with practice and continued guidance from me as a facilitator, I can help my learners gain strength in this area. I also need to role model and share my own experience with my learners.

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