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A description of Education 1.0, Education, 2.0, and Education 3.0My classmate introduced us to this table in her discussion forum.  I have to say that it is very interesting to me. Education 1.0 is simply like the education my children are receiving in their elementary and middle schools.  It is sad to me that parents actually see their children going to daycare when they are actually receiving a valuable gift from educators.  There is lack of adequate software and outdated hardware. This is why I made the sacrifice to put both of my children in private schools that I hand selected for them.  This comes at a great expense to my family, but it also provides a great piece of mind for me.  My children are so much more technologically savvy than when they were in public school.   I didn’t homeschool them due to my own lack of comfort, but I have gained a new understanding and appreciation for those who do homeschool their children.

Education 2.0 is where I feel my children are learning at this time as well as the university where I teach.  Both need to strive for Education 3.0 and teaching individual how to learn and that learning occurs in all ways and all parts of life.  I am not sure if I agree with parents seeing 2.0 as daycare, I think a lot do but probably a lot less than 1.0 parents.


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