3250 – Applying some teaching strategies

PowerPoint rescued:  I’m naming this as my starting point.  Today, I tried a new approach and used PowerPoint for my lecture but placed several small 3-5 minute video clips where students could watch simulation of various psychomotor skills that they were expected to gain.  With each video, we practiced application of the skill in class. Then showed new slides and next video and implementation of skills.

It worked like a charm. I just received a great email from a student thanking me for this session.  It was fun, engaging and interactive.  Student problems could be sorted out by peers as well as instructors walking about the room.  By the time we reached the clinical simulation lab, students had already been exposed to basic skills.

So, my personal conclusion is PowerPoint is only a tool that can be used in a weak manner or in a unique and challenging manner. It’s up to you.

On the negative side, I have to mention that this was a lot of work/planning/organization and more.  However, with the nice feedback received, it was well worth it.

I think my PIDP teachings is starting to change the way I teach.  Thanks PIDP teachers.


2 thoughts on “3250 – Applying some teaching strategies

  1. That is so awesome, Suzanne! Your students are so lucky to have you 🙂

    If there is time, one other idea might be to have a student do the skill then teach it to another student


  2. Thank you. I really like you idea. I had asked if we could have senior students help with demonstration and mentoring of junior students, but did not go over so well with faculty. I’ll keep trying as I think we learn more when we teach – a ‘win-win’ I would say.


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